Microscopy Book Series #6 - Volume 1

Cover-ISBN Vol. 1
Table of Contents

Applications in Biology and Medicine 

Electron Microscopies 

3-D Aspects of the dentition in rays of genus: Atlantoraja, Rhinobatos and Zapteryx from Southeastern and South of Brazil
 B.S. Rangel, S.S. Rodrigues, E. Malavasi-Bruno, S.E.A. Will, P.O. Favaron, A.F. Amorim and R.E.G. Rici
An assessment of high-pressure freezing and freeze substitution protocols for cultured cells
 Gerald Shami, Delfine Cheng, Jeffrey Henriquez and Filip Braet
Beyond the biodestruction of polyurethane: S. aureus uptake of nanoparticles is a challenge for toxicology
 R. Curia, M. Milani, L.V. Didenko, G.A. Avtandilov, N.V. Shevlyagina and T.A. Smirnova
Cell surface modifications induced by titanium dioxide nanoparticles in A549 cells
 S. Baiguera, S. Casciardi, F. Incoronato, D. Cavallo, C.L. Ursini, A. Ciervo, R. Maiello, A.M. Fresegna, A.M. Marcelloni,
 D. Lega, A. Antonini and C. Fanizza
Cellular targets of metal-based anticancer drugs: Is electron microscopy a forgotten method?
 António P.A. Matos, Fernanda Marques, Peter Ingram and Isabel Santos
Deriving atomic structures of macromolecular assemblies from low resolution electron microscopy maps
 Xiongwu Wu and Bernard R. Brooks
ESEM–EDX Investigation of the Cross-sectional Microstructure and Elemental Chemical Composition of a Giant Human Cardiac Calculus
 Hsiao-Huang Chang, Ching-Li Cheng, Pei-Jung Huang and Shan-Yang Lin
FIB-SEM: A new technique for investigating pollen walls
 A. House and K. Balkwill
Improved pre-embedded immuno-electron microscopy procedures to preserve myelin integrity in mammalian central nervous tissue
 M.J. Hooshmand, A.J.Anderson and B.J. Cummings
Microscopic features of the tunic in young Styela canopus (Tunicata, Styelidae)
 M.A. Di Bella and G. De Leo
Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy microanalysis applied to human dental specimens under laser irradiation for caries prevention
 O. Olea-Mejia, R. Contreras-Bulnes, C.M. Zamudio-Ortega, R. A. Morales-Luckie, O. Olea-Cardoso and
 R. López-Castañares
Scanning electron microscopy detection of phytoplasmas and other phloem limiting pathogens associated with emerging diseases of plants
 V. Lebsky and A. Poghosyan
Scanning electron microscopy investigation of the filter-feeding apparatus in the domestic goose (Anser anser f. domestica) and the domestic duck (Anas platyrhynchos f. domestica)
 K. Skieresz-Szewczyk and H. Jackowiak
Structure and dental sexual dimorphism in Dasyatis hypostigma (Santos & Carvalho, 2004) (Myliobatiformes, Dasyadae)
 B.S. Rangel, S.S. Rodrigues, P.O. Favaron, A.F. Amorim and R.E.G. Rici
Studying vascularization in fishes using corrosion casting and microscopy: a Review
 Mark P.Rogers, Robin L. Sherman and Richard E. Spieler
The use of transmission electron microscopy in the study of gametogenesis in Gnathostomulida
 A. Falleni and C. Ghezzani
The vascular corrosion casting (VCC) and scanning electron microscopy study on changes of vascular networks arrangement in the organs undergoing cyclic volume changes
 Ewelina Prozorowska and Hanna Jackowiak

X-Ray Microscopy 

Cytochemistry, ultrastructure and x-ray microanalysis methods applied to cell wall characterization of Mucoralean fungi strains
 G.M. Campos-Takaki, S.M.C. Dietrich and G.W. Beakes

Scanning Probe Microscopy 

Biological samples observed in vitro by Atomic Force Microscopy: Morphology and Elastic Properties
 J.E. Ortega, Porfiria Barrón-González, M.A. Gracia-Pinilla, Elías Pérez, Alejandro López-Aldrete and J.-Luis Menchaca
Correlating cell morphology and viscoelasticity to investigate diseases with atomic force microscopy
 L.M. Rebelo, J.S. de Sousa, T.M. Santiago and J. Mendes Filho
Entamoeba histolytica: trophozoite, precyst and cyst studied by atomic force microscopy
 J. Luis Menchaca Arredondo, M.P. Barrón González, A. León Coria, J.E. Ortega, J. Vargas Villarreal, J.L. Hernández Piñero
 and M.R. Morales Vallarta
Imaging and quantitative data acquisition of biological cell walls with Atomic Force Microscopy and Scanning Acoustic Microscopy
 B.R. Tittmann and X. Xi
Study of the Penetration of Silver Nanoparticles into SVK14 Cells
 J. Horakova, K. Tomankova, S. Harvanova, S. Hradilova, V. Masek, J. Malohlava, L. Malina, B. Manisova, K. Kejlova,
 D. Jirova and H. Kolarova

Confocal Microscopy 

Autophagic cell death in human leukemia cells treated with jararhagin toxin, a metaloproteinase analyzed with confocal laser microscopy
 T.O. Conceição, M.G.L. Silva, J.A.L.C. Moreira and D.A. Maria
Electroporation of snoRNA in Giardia lmblia
 Sandipan Ganguly and Sumallya Karmakar
Evaluated organization of cytoskeletal microfilaments and apoptotic caused by Jararhagin metalloproteinase on human breast adenocarcinoma
 M.G.L. Silva, T.O. Conceição, S.E.A.L. Will and D.A. Maria
Imaging receptors with Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy: qualitative and quantitative analysis
 J.B. Sousa, P. Fresco and C. Diniz
Protocols of confocal microscopy to study vascular dysfunction in Diabetes mellitus
 C.B.A. Restini, B.F.M. Pereira and L. Pernomian

Fluorescence Microscopy 

Analysis of huntingtin aggregation by fluorescence and FRET microscopy
 A. Holloschi, S. Ritz, I. Schäfer and P. Kioschis
Analyzing the oral biofilm using fluorescence-based microscopy: what’s in a dye?
 V. Quintas, I. Prada-López and I. Tomás
Correlation between auditory threshold and the auditory brainstem response (ABR) in rats. A possibility for the experimental study of the auditory impairments
 M. Revuelta, A. Alvarez, O. Arteaga, H. Montalvo, D. Alonso-Alconada, M.L. Cañavate, E. Hilario
 and A. Martínez-Ibargüen
Exploring Subcellular Organization and Function with Quantitative Fluorescence Microscopy
 M. Kodiha, H. Mahboubi and U. Stochaj
Imaging of insulin receptors in the plasma membrane of cells using super-resolution single molecule localization microscopy
 Pavel Křížek, Peter W. Winter, Zdeněk Švindrych, Josef Borkovec, Martin Ovesný, Deborah A. Roess, B. George Barisas
 and Guy M. Hagen
Metastasis: new perspectives using multiphoton microscopy
 Gabriella Marfe and Carla Di Stefano
Microscopy for the characterization of cyto and genotoxicity of the organic component of urban particulate matter (PM10) on the human lung adenocarcinoma epithelial cell line A549
 A. Poma, T. Pagliani, M. Sallese, S. Di Bucchianico, S. Colafarina and C. Verri

Optical / Light Microscopy 

Altered placental morphology and VEGF expression in diabetic rats
 P. Silva Farias, K. dos Santos Souza, A. Carlos Marçal, E. Ticona Fioretto and M. Bastos Aires
Effects of LED in osteoblast cell culture as an indicator of its usefulness in periodontal disease management
 J.D. Silva Albergaria, B. Machado Bertassoli, C.M. Queiroz-Junior, E. Cristina Jorge, G.A. Borges Silva, K.L. Melo Maltos,
 T. Aparecida Silva and C.M. Fonseca Pacheco
Endochondral ossification of the Humerus in Canine Fetuses
 Nathia Nathaly Rigoglio, Dayane Alcantara, Fernanda Menezes de Oliveira e Silva, Marcos Vinicius Mendes Silva, Valdir
 Pavanelo Junior, Sonia Elisabete Alves de Lima Will, Paula Fratini, Rafael Garabet Agopian and Maria Angelica Miglino
Histological analysis of hair follicle of dog fetuses
 H.L.P. Tommasi Jr, M.A. Miglino and D.A. Maria
Immunohistochemistry as a tool for the accurate diagnosis of diseases in reptiles
 J. Orós, A. Arencibia and H. E. Jensen
In vivo radioprotective activity analysis by light microscopy: Methodological approaches
 S.L. Jothy, S. Gothai, Y. Chen and S. Sasidharan
Light structure as biomarker for heavy metal bioaccumulation and toxicity in molluscan gastropods
 A.T. AbdAllah
Neuroprotective effect of antioxidants in neonatal rat brain after hypoxia-ischemia
 O. Arteaga, M. Revuelta, H. Montalvo, M.L. Cañavate, D. Alonso-Alconada, A. Martínez-Ibargüen, E. Hilario
 and A. Álvarez
Radial alveolar count assessment in the aging
 Marta Ortega-Martínez, Abel Gutiérrez-Marín, Idalia Coronado-Hernández, Ricardo M. Cerda-Flores,
 Adriana Ancer-Arellano, Carlos de-la-Garza-González, Laura E. Rodríguez-Flores, Jesús Ancer-Rodríguez
 and Gilberto Jaramillo-Rangel
The histological analysis by transdermal drug delivery on melanoma therapy
 L.G. D’Agostino, A. Salomao-Junior, D.C. Viana, A.C.L. Luna and D.A. Maria
The Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD): A surface characterization study using optical microscopy
 Farid Bourzgui, Hakima Aghoutan, Mourad Sebbar, Samir Diouny and Bouchaib Aazzab

Other / Combined Techniques 

“Seeing is believing”. The use of light, fluorescent and transmission electron microscopy in the observation of pathological changes during different plant – virus interactions
 K. Otulak, E. Kozieł and G. Garbaczewska
Application of microscopy to Digitalis thapsi x Digitalis purpurea natural hybrid identification
 R. Serrano, S. Frazão, J. Silva, E.T. Gomes and O. Silva
Bacterial pathogenesis: Using high-resolution microscopy techniques to study host-pathogen interactions
 Kathryn P. Haley, Eric J. Blanz, Leslie A. Kirk and Jennifer A. Gaddy
Bovine placentome development during early pregnancy
 M.B. Aires, K.Y. Degaki, V. Dantzer and A.T. Yamada
Comparative analysis of the recombinant HPV16 proteins expression between two human epithelial cell lineages
 E.A. Kavati, H.B. Oliveira, R.A. Canali, D. Sakauchi and A.M. Cianciarullo
Correlation of histological analysis prognostics and progression the canine mammary tumors
 S.E.A. Will, P.O. Favaron, J.A.L. Moreira, R.E.G. Rici and D.A. Maria
Cross-talk between nervous and immune systems: cytokines modulating morphology and function of both systems under stress conditions
 M.L. Cañavate, A. García de Galdeano, O. Arteaga, H. Montalvo, M. Revuelta, E. Hilario and A. Alvarez
Evaluation of the antimicrobial efficacy of industrial substrata
 M.A. Calvo, J.M. Vaquero, G. Girmé, E.L. Arosemena, S. Manso, I. Segura and A. Aguado
In situ microscopic investigation of plant cell walls deconstruction in biorefinery
 Zhe Ji, Da-yong Ding, Zhe Ling, Xun Zhang, Xia Zhou, and Feng Xu
Interactions of cycloimide derivatives of chlorin p6 with normal blood and leukemic cells: implications for photodynamic therapy
 A.A. Ignatova, A.S. Pozdnyakova, M.V. Astapova, M.P. Kirpichnikov and A.V. Feofanov
Lacandonia granules: ultrastructure of a nuclear nanoribonucleoprotein particle
 L.F. Jiménez-García, J. Jiménez-Ramírez, C.D. Alonso-Murillo, Y. Lozada-Villegas, M.L. Segura-Valdez,
 A.G Almeida-Juárez and L.T. Agredano-Moreno
Microbial biotechnologies to preserve and restore stone monuments
 C. Ercole, P. Cacchio and M. Del Gallo
Microscopic study of cell division in the cerebral cortex of adult brains after experimental focal cerebral ischemia
 Weigang Gu and Per Wester
Microscopic study of the thymus of Guiana dolphin and Humpback whale
 F. M. O. Silva, J.P. Guimarães, M.N. Rodrigues, J.E. Vergara-Parente, V. L. Carvalho, A.C.O. Meirelles, B.S.P.O. Stefanis,
 S.M. Santos and M.A. Miglino
Microscopy Analysis for Honeycomb Structured Porous Membranes
 M. Hernández-Guerrero
Microscopy analysis of dried edible fruits modified by different physical treatments
 R. Arias Guerrero, J.J. Pérez Bueno and L.A. Baldenegro Pérez
Microscopy approaches to screening oleaginous microorganisms and evaluating their potential as feedstock for biodiesel production
 Celso Sant’Anna, Veronica S. Ferreira, Marianne M. Monnerat, Roberta F. Pinto, Wanderley de Souza
 and Juliana L. Martins
Microscopy of in situ DNA and RNA-containing structures
 M.L. Segura-Valdez, R. Chávez-Rosales, L.T. Agredano-Moreno, E. Ubaldo, E.F. del Toro-Rangel, R. Lara-Martínez,
 C.E. Villegas-Mercado, G. Zavala, P. Islas-Morales and L.F. Jiménez-García
Microscopy Studies of Metallophthalocyanine Thin-Film Morphology
 M. E. Sánchez-Vergara and J. R. Alvarez-Bada
Mitochondria and cancer relationship
 A.M. Cianciarullo and E.A. Kavati
Multidimensional microscopy: A suitable technique to follow in vivo the interactions between biodegradable biomaterials and cells
 F. Alvarez, R.M. Lozano Puerto, B.T. Pérez-Maceda, C.A. Grillo and M.A. Fernández Lorenzo
Parasitic fungi Sclerotiniaceae: morphology and ultrastructure
 Marcel Pârvu and Alina E. Pârvu
Phenomenon of silk production in water mites (Acariformes, Hydrachnidia)
 A.B. Shatrov
Synchrotron Radiation Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy for Biomedical Applications
 Christian Bortolini and Mingdong Dong
The new potential pharmacological of liposomal formulation in tumors
 A.C. de L. Luna, L.G. D’Agostino, G.K.V. Saraiva, S. Claro Neto, I.M. Cuccovia and D.A. Maria
The ultrastructural studies in parasite-vectors interactions
 D. Feder, S.A.O. Gomes, S.C. Freitas, G. Santos-Machado and J.R. Santos-Mallet
Understanding the sperm separation principles used in assisted reproductive technology as a turning point for biomedical students
 T. Muiño-Blanco, I. Cebrián, A. Casao, R. Pérez-Pé and José A. Cebrián-Pérez
Using the optical microscopy and scanning microscopy confocal laser in the evaluation of morphological and structural aspects of human pancreatic tumor cells treated with Jararhagin metalloproteinase
 L.M.C. Gaziola, J.A.L.C. Moreira and D.A. Maria